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"The three of us are connected. We're binded by a bond."

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Ryusei no Kizuna
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Welcome to ryuseinokizuna, a place dedicated to spread Ryusei no Kizuna's love. This community was first started by yanie02. Here you can get (almost) everything you desire regarding Ryusei no Kizuna--novel translations, drama videos, updated news, discussions, translations, fan subs, graphics, articles, reviews, screencaps, musics, scans, and so on.
You have to join the community to enjoy the goodies to the maximum level, since 90% entries in this community are locked to members only. Please take notes because there are some stuffs shared in this community which are meant for personal use only. Do not bother to ask if you can upload them somewhere else :) Please respect those who have kindly shared and contributed here by obeying the rules.

If what we have written above still doesn't make sense to you, then join this community as soon as possible. You'll understand :)
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