Novel Translation Continues!

Minnaaa~~! Tadaima!

I'm so sorry for neglecting this community for a year already T_T

I feel so touched to see people keep coming, posting entries and giving feedbacks here although Ryusei no Kizuna has been over for almost a year!

Honto ni, honto ni, honto ni domo arigato, minnaaaa!!!! *hugz*

Just want to let you know I am currently working on Chapter 14 of the novel!!!!! (my goodness! finally!? XD)
But I have work and a side-job that I have to prioritize for now,  I'd finish my side-job by the end of May. So please expect the release of Chapter 14 in June!

I will keep my promise that I will continue translating this novel all the way to Chapter 53! p^o^q

I could use some help though. Has the Chinese version of this novel been published? Maybe anyone who has the Chinese version can help translate?

Or... masaka, an English version has been published? @_@    Hehe, pls let me know, if it has, ne, so I won't waste my time doing something that has already been done ^_^ 

Ahhhh~ I miss ARIAKE3!!!! How are they doing???! 

I desperately need a sequel!!! XD

[Subbed] Ryusei no Kizuna DVD - 1S Cast Interview

The last of the Ariakes from me~

Ryusei no Kizuna DVD - 1S Cast Interview
Interviews with four members of the cast, Nino, Ryo, Erika, Miura and screenwriter Kudo Kankuro! Nino declares his love for the swindling and keeping audiences on their toes, Ryo sets the record straight about his DoS-esque love for his nii-chan, Erika compares the book to the drama and Miura-san, aka police detective guy, manages to give the entire ending away in just one line (SPOILER ALERT!) Kudo-san shows off his prized copy of the novel and dishes out tips for aspiring mystery story screenwriters while confusing the rest of us with his genius story-spinning techniques.
Size: 73.4MB
Length: 10:47 min


Download HERE!

[Subbed] Ryusei no Kizuna DVD - Last Episode Promo Live Uncut

A continuation of the Nino project~

Ryusei no Kizuna DVD - Last Episode Promo Live Uncut
They show the funny little promotional clip the Ariakes and George filmed live to promote the finale of RnK! And here, they really mean LIVE, i.e, I'd call this a mini Making Of :D George-san is as funny in person as he is in the show and makes the Ariakes crack up seconds before going live on national television. Ryo pokes fun at him, Erika tries to soothe him to no avail, and our Nino-chan is back as bratty Koichi with a stash of drama scripts in his bag. ♥
Size: 72.8MB
Length: 4:33 min


Download HERE!

[Subbed] Ryusei no Kizuna DVD - Opening + Ariake Crosstalk

A Nino project! Here are the first two extras from the RnK DVD boxset subbed

Ryusei no Kizuna - Opening
A credit-less version of the opening, aka the part where they play Beautiful Days. If you loved the opening but always hated the rolling credits ruining it, this is for you (:
Length: 1:56 min

Ryusei no Kizuna - Before Broadcast! Ariake 3 Siblings Crosstalk
The Ariakes talk about the highlights of the drama and the filming of RnK. Nino educates Erika on the bond of Johnny's and his longtime relationship with Ryo, Ryo almost gets his head bitten off by Erika, and Erika tries to be Nino's mom XD Ryo seems oblivious to the fun being poked at him by Nino and Erika and doesn't talk a lot even when the other two muse about the condom campaign scene. Oh and they may be the lead actors, but even they don't seem to know what the drama is like!?
Length: 6:12 min


Download them HERE!

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Arashi Crack

Leonid Metor Shower

I saw an event on facebook and immediately thought of ryuusei no kizuna.

On Nov. 17, 2009, Earth will pass through the 1466 stream again, but this time closer to the center. Based on the number of meteors observed in 2008, Vaubaillon can estimate the strength of the coming display: five hundred or more Leonids per hour. which i think is more than normal..
But it is visible over a few days...

To find out when the best time for you to see them in your timezone check here:

Hope you all can watch it!!!

( the peak time where i am is 4AM... gotta set the alarm and hope i don't sleep through it)

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